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aurora flight
24th-Apr-2009 02:29 pm
i hate this bitch y am i listening to her? she sux compared to eiko and mami  but i guess its good enuf for now since i am too lazy to search for new music

also lol disgusting im starting to like ap sweet lolita etc i dont wan't to like it it's too crazy but every time i see a dress i go WOW and want to wear it also lol the yellow ap dresS? idk y when i first saw it i thought it was so ugly then i woke up a few days ago and i was like "u no what.. i think i like it now... alot" lol and i hate yellow wtf is wrong w/ me ? anyway i dont think yellow goes w/ blonde hair pale skin i wonder... i dont think it does but lol i'm thinking of getting yellow fabric w/ pink accents... and use pink as the accesory color

first tho ihae to finish my last jsk lol also first one. it looks good so far but bodice is killing me i hate sewing
i only have enuf lace for the skirt part. fuck this
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