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25 February
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Hi, my name is Christina. I've lived in rural-like suburban SoCal since I was four years old. I am currently pursuing my associates degree so I can get OUT of this place! Not one thing I like about it even after all these years. In my spare time I like composing music of every kind. I have a parody band with my best friend but I'd like to pursue something more professional someday. Don't expect to get too far but no better way to kill the time while on college break. I grew up with much Japanese influence so my favorite music is Japanese language, but since Korean music is getting popular in Japan now I'm enjoying that too. My favorite musician is Rurutia and has been for the past 4 years. I love dressing up but often don't find the occasion to. I love anything that's classy or cute. I like lolita a lot, mostly the classical type, but I'm thinking of pursuing a more gothic-lolita classical look since dark clothes are so easy. I love Spring and all of the flowers, but there isn't much where I live. My dream is to achieve a bachelors degree or higher, study and invest in the stock market, and earn enough money to buy or build a classical mansion or castle-type home. So basically my dream is to have my own home. My current ambitions are to get a job, get my own housing away from home, and attend college. I also have 5 cats and 3 pet birds.